Wiztree is a hard drive space analyser and sorter to arrange files according to their size and space they occupy in hard drive .It is a easy to use tool and help you build understanding of your hard disk drive .By providing whole summary of space occupied using visuals , it gives you great facility to find large files and folders .It provides you the reason for your question "Where the space has gone?"

Features of Wiztree

Using Wiztree is amazing experience as it comes with features mentioned below:-
1. Disk space analysis - Get whole detail of the space occupied by folders and file via MFT (Master files table) .
2. Fast access to files - Using NTFS Formatted drives , MFT (Master File Table) ease of quick access is generated.
3. Support to varied formats - Multiple formats type files which are supported by Windows can be scanned by it .
4. Great visualisation feature - Based on size files are sorted , this helps you to guess distinction between huge collection of tiny file and large files .
5. Export and Import of MFT Files and CSV files - Selected files can be converted to CSV (Comma separated values) format then can be imported to Wiztree to get its view .

Conversion of Wiztree file data to CSV File

1.Either do right click on the desired file/folder OR Press Ctrl+Alt+E .
2. Now select "Export to CSV file...".
IF NO SELECTION MADE THEN:- All files and folders will get exported .

Steps for silent installation of Wiztree

1. Go Wiztree official website.
2. Download the wiztree file - wiztreexyz_setup.exe at any folder .
3. Click on Command prompt and open Elevated Command Prompt by right click .
4. Opt to Run as Administrator.
5. Visit the folder where you downloaded your file.
6. Take the given commmands - wiztreexyz_setup.exe /VERYSILENT /NORESTART
7. Press Enter.
All your needs are fulfilled and now get ready to explore Wiztree features .